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Our lead consultant and founder is Paul Jackson, an experienced education professional who has held several senior roles across a range of schools. Paul is a Local Leader of Education (LLE), accredited OFSTED inspector and has been the head teacher of Manorfield Primary School in Tower Hamlets since January 2016.


He was head teacher at Gallions Primary School, Newham for 7.5 years followed by a spell as Executive Head teacher – Primary Phase across a small multi-academy trust, leading four challenging primary schools.


Paul sits on several advisory boards, including the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy Practitioner Advisory Board and the Findel Education Teacher Board.

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Charity Work

Alongside his school leadership roles, Paul is also a trustee of the following charities:

Previously, Paul has been a trustee of:

Drawing on his wealth of experience, Paul can offer a range of support to schools and other organisations.

Examples of Paul’s Work

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Listen to Paul on BBC Radio 4's World Business Report talking about The Dorchester Hotel and Ottolenghi working in partnership with Manorfield Primary School during the COVID lockdown period at ( 4 mins 31 seconds) - April 2020 


Read more about the Dorchester Hotel / Manorfield Primary School partnership on the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Twitter feed here:


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Read Paul's contribution to How schools can prepare their students for the digital revolution, following Paul's presentation for Re.School #ReThinkingSchools December 2nd 2020


Watch Paul on BBC London News speaking about the impact of air pollution on children's health and well-being - November 5th 2019 


Read Paul's comments on the impact of air pollution on children's health & well-being in the Evening Standard Newspaper - November 5th 2019


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Read "5 practical strategies mastering targeted intervention", a report written by Paul for SAM learning - August 2019 


Read Head Builds First Socially Distanced Tent for a London Primary School - a report appearing in Arch Daily on June 17th 2020


Read Manorfield Recognised as innovator in education - a report about a presentation Paul delivered at delivered at the Schools and Academies Show at Excel, London on April 4th 2019.


Listen to Paul speaking on the BBC Radio London Vanessa Feltz show about his involvement in the 2018 Vitality Big Half

Listen to Creativity in Primary Education – a head-led school improvement webinar led by Paul for Best Practice Network

Read Leadership: The vision thing – an article written by Liam Donnison of Best Practice Network following a head-led school improvement webinar led by Paul.

Read Lead with a vision not a budget – a blog post written for the Royal Opera House Bridge


Read the SAPERE July 2016 update - congratulating Paul on his permanent appointment to Manorfield Primary School


Read Closing the Achievement Gap with P4C - an article in Creative Teaching & Learning with a quote from Paul.

See Arts Makers Snakes and Ladders – Ways to integrate arts and culture in learning – A playful look at simple things we can do and things to avoid when leading on cultural learning in schools. (Designed to be printed on both sides at A3). Materials written for the Royal Opera House Bridge

Read Cultural and creative education for young people – a blog post written for A New Direction in response to their Cultural Capital report

Read Building a Partnership – a blog post written for A New Direction

Watch How to awaken and develop creativity in schools – Presentation given at Buenos Dias Creatividad! (Good Morning Creativity!) for the Fundacion Botin (Also available here in Spanish)

Read Tomorrow’s World Today – an article written for Creative Blueprint – Click here for a follow up interview regarding this article

Watch Gallions Primary School playground design – a promotional video for Playcubed

Watch Music at Gallions – A short film to promote the Gallions Music Programme Gallions Music Trust

Watch Can creative schools get great results? – A documentary by Francis Gilbert

Read How do you get boys to enjoy singing and dancing? – A blog written by Francis Gilbert

Listen to Paul being interviewed on BBC Radio London in 2008 about Philosophy for Children

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